About the Sustainable Financial Innovation Centre (SFiC)

The Sustainable Financial Innovation Centre (SFiC) is the first interdisciplinary research centre to focus on financial technology (FinTech) and financial innovation. SFiC is based at the College of Social Sciences at both our Edgbaston and Dubai campuses. The SFiC seeks to undertake cutting edge interdisciplinary research on financial innovation, FinTech and sustainability.

Our mission

Our mission is to generate interdisciplinary research by bringing together academics and practitioners from across the globe to produce high quality and impactful research on Sustainable Financial Innovation.

The Sustainable Financial Innovation Research Centre (SFiC) is a centre of excellence that builds upon the existing track record of quality research outputs and networks across the College of Social Sciences. Research within the SFiC revolves around two core themes, namely FinTech and Sustainable Finance.

Through the University of Birmingham campus in Dubai, SFiC has been engaging with the Securities and Commodities Authority- SCA and financial institutions on topics related to fintech, sustainable finance and training and development.

Juergen Maier

Juergen Maier


“To innovate, we need open centres where academia and businesses can get together and drive forward great ideas into products/services.”

Our aims

  • To contribute as a major international voice in debates on the challenges and future directions of Sustainable Financial Innovation;
  • To generate funded research projects and publish cutting edge interdisciplinary work that both challenge and explore boundaries in the production of new knowledge of FinTech and Sustainable Finance;
  • To engage in dialogue with practitioners/industry partners and to work in partnership with research centers to promote and raise the awareness about  FinTech and Sustainable Finance;
  • To encourage collaboration between academics across the university and industry partners to attract and provide a supportive environment for PhD students.

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