IRiS Conference 2018 - Call for papers

We welcome theoretical, empirical and methodological papers addressing the theme of Racial Displacements in any Social Sciences and Humanities discipline. Sub-themes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Race critical theories and displacement;
  • Distinctions between forced and unforced racial displacements;
  • Displacement and the racialized/racializing "production of space";
  • Intersectionality and displacements;
  • Racial capitalism and displacement;
  • Displacing, disguising, denying race;
  • Citizenship, displacement and the racial contract;
  • Slums, camps, favelas, townships as forms of racial displacement;
  • Mass incarceration;
  • Racial neoliberalism and displacement;
  • Walls, walled states and racial sovereignty;
  • Sanctuary and anti-racist cities;
  • Resistance to racial displacements;
  • Microhistorical and longue durée perspectives on racial displacements;
  • Colonialism as driver of racial displacement;
  • Racial displacements and Urban Studies;
  • Financial "crises" and racial displacements;
  • Evictions from a global and comparative perspective;
  • Poverty, planning race and displacement;
  • Plantations, reserves, camps;
  • Camps and the racial(ized) "state of exception";
  • The methods of investigating racial displacements globally.

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