Housing is of particular significance if integration begins in the community you share with neighbours. Many of the refugees will have little experience of a "housing market" as we know it. Refugees may need guidance to understand their rights and responsibilities. They may alo have no experience of landlords or social housing.

  • Early health and safety issues include: locking first floor windows for child safety, locking doors when leaving the house, knowing how to access emergency services.
  • It is appropriate to check that arrivals understand how we live, for example; showers over the bath, use of WC's, cooking on the hob/oven not on the floor.
  • Although arrivals will almost certainly have had neighbour relations before it’s a good idea to tell them about things that are particularly important to Brits, for example; keeping your garden tidy, putting rubbish out for collection on the correct day.
  • New tenants need to understand the landlord's responsibility in relation to repairs and maintenance and the limitations as to the changes they can make to the building. They may benefit from guidance as to how to make effective relations with their landlord.
  • Some arrivals will have no experience of paying rent, fuel bills, and local taxes such as council tax. They need to understand the role of Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction, and the long term consequences of non – payment of housing and other liabilities such as TV licences.
  • Work with neighbours and the local community to afford a welcome will depend on local circumstances. Co-ordination between actors and an appropriately resourced lead are pre-requisites.


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Rachel Tew, Spring Housing Association