Syrian Resettlement

The UK has agreed to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees over the course of the current parliament. To support this complex process, IRiS has developed a Toolkit and range of resources to inform and assist local authorities and practitioners


Understanding the background to the SVPR (Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement) programme is important for the host communities and for professionals who will be supporting the new arrivals.

Community Safety

Feeling safe in their new home will be the first concern of the new arrivals. They may require reassurance about issues that we cannot immediately appreciate.


Ensuring children are welcomed into their new school and understand how the school works is central to their wellbeing.

Social Care

Some of the Syrian refugees will have significant social care needs. Making this accessible may be a high priority.


Employment is of huge benefit towards social as well as economic integration but there are significant barriers.


Refugees arriving with the SVPR programme are entitled to free NHS care. Managing their expectations of the UK's healthcare system may be very important.


Housing is of particular significance if integration begins in the community you share with neighbours.


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