Symbiosis - Projects

Symbiosis promotes projects involving the arts and humanities in natural history museums and museums with natural history collections in order to share and develop practice and initiatives. Here is a selection of the projects that members of the network have been involved in developing.

Two participants in an installation in a gallery called animaloculomat based on a photo booth

  • Art/Nature: Artistic Interventions at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin 
    An international model project at Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, with the support of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, opening an experimental space for interactions between contemporary art, museum practice and natural history research.
  • Bloodsuckers: Legends to Leeches
    An award-winning exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum unlocking the connections between the world of bloodsucking animals and their uncanny ability to fire the imagination.
  • Building the Book of Nature: The Poetics of the Natural History Museum
    A collaboration between Mount Allison University and the University of Birmingham, funded by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, tracing the meanings of architecture and decorative art in natural history museums in Britain, Ireland and Canada. 
  • Drawing Out the Dinosaurs 
    An exhibition pioneered by the Lapworth Museum of Geology, Birmingham, revealing how the history of extinct life is an art history as well as a natural history.
  • Visions of Nature 
    A series of arts projects, exhibitions and commissions at Oxford University Museum of Natural History reviving the close connection between science and art at the museum.
  • Visualizing Science 
    A research project, led by the Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna, tracing how evolutionary science has been encoded in art at natural history museums.

Image: Klara Hobza: Animalocumat for Art/Nature, 2017 © Carola Radke, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin