Family Trees

One of the next steps in the Third Sector research Centre’s ‘Below the Radar’ workstream is to explore how skills, knowledge and resources are gained within, and shared between, small community based organisations and activities. Given the fluid and changing nature of such groups, this presents a number of challenges to the research – both in practical terms and methodologically. A starting point has been to explore the varied literature on social network theory and how this relates to below the radar actions. A summary review of findings/discussion paper has been produced by Amy Burnage as a basis for informing the research design.

Given the complexity of the task – and the importance, in the current policy environment, of understanding resource development in community groups – we would welcome comments, views and suggestions on the ‘Family Trees’ summary literature review which outlines our initial thinking on this research stream.

Plesae send comments to: Amy Burnage or Angus McCabe. We look forward to hearing from you.