Below the Radar: Rural community organising

In January 2014, TSRC's below the radar research project held a special conference in Retford, in the East Midlands, to look at the current state of rural community organising. 

The event was organised in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire and the Rural Services Network, with input from experts in the field. An initial Briefing Paper was published to provide an opening overview and to trigger debates.

Now a full Working Paper, informed by the event's discussions, is available to download from TSRC. It explores the histories, tensions and challenges of community development and community organising in rural England, observing situations of relevance throughout the UK and beyond. 

Research Papers

Conference Documents

The day conference Rural Communities: development and organising… the state of play in 2014 took place at Retford Town Hall in Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire, on 8 January 2014.

Conference Presentations

Powerpoint presentations can be viewed and downloaded at

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