TSRC is conducting research on a number of dimensions of third sector housing, including: 

  • housing associations
  • mutual and cooperative housing
  • homelessness advice and support
  • the tenants’ and community movement
  • self-help housing organisations
  • social enterprises working in the homelessness field

We also work with a number of other organisations to inform housing policy and practice:

Initial scoping papers

These scoping papers provide an overview of the role played by third sector organisations with regard to housing in each of the sub-sectors above. They explore what third sector housing is becoming, the implications of and for policy, and set an agenda for further research.

While these sub-sectors are to some extent overlapping, each presents a distinctive set of issues. They may be regarded as windows through which the diversity of the third sector can be seen. The papers explore:

  • the historical development of the sub-sectors
  • the numbers and types of organisations and typical activities
  • the definitions used to define the sub-fields, and to establish boundaries with related fields
  • the understandings of key actors within these fields
  • the extent to which there is a common sense of ‘third sector identity’, and the components of this identity
  • the existence of umbrella organisations and ‘field leaders’, and their external dependencies.

Read an overview of the Briefing paper 10 (PDF, 145KB) scoping papers.

Research contact:

  • David Mullins