Evaluation of the future in-sight project


2013 - 2018

Principal Investigators
Professor Graeme Douglas (PI) 
Dr Liz Ellis

Professor Graeme Douglas: 

The Future In-Sight project is an exciting five-year project which aims to support partially sighted and blind young people as they move from compulsory education into independent adulthood.

The lottery-funded project is managed by RNIB Wales. It aims to develop and coordinate a range of services (provided by several providers) to support young people with this transition in Wales. These services, or ‘interventions’, include: 

  • Work experience placements 
  • Buddying and mentoring programmes 
  • Mobility training 
  • Training in the use of assistive devices 
  • Independent living skills training

The project is designed to address concerns about transition which have been identified in Wales, as well as across the UK and industrialised countries generally.


The University of Birmingham have been commissioned to evaluate this important project. The design the evaluation involves a range of approaches including: 

  • Gathering feedback data from the participants in relation to the interventions. This feedback focuses upon (a) enjoyment of the activities, (b) what was learnt, and (c) what changes will it bring about. 
  • Annual tracking data from participants. This will involve collecting data from the young people about how they are engaging with the programmes on offer and to what extent the programme is offering relevant support and training. 
  • Some case study work in which we will have more detailed discussions with young people about their experiences.