Much of our research work results in research reports and research articles. These can be found within the relevant research section. Some of our work also includes outputs which are more specifically guidelines and resources for different stakeholders:

Useful resources are:

Touch Typing Tutor

Touch Typing Tutor is a software programme which was first designed in the 1990s to assist teaching touch typing skills to visually impaired children. A short description of it is given below. Still popular, it is now available as freeware

The programme was specially designed to meet the needs of visually impaired people. For example, it provides the means to set up different colours, dimensions and fonts for the exercise text displayed, and has speech capability. These features make it possible for Touch Typing Tutor to be operated independently by the child. This program is easy to use, with a full set of touch typing exercises supplied. Additional exercises can easily be created using any text editor which is capable of writing plain ASCII files (e.g. the Windows 'Notepad'), and organised into lessons.