The 1914-1945 period of conflict

The first half of the twentieth century saw war grow to monstrous proportions with conflict reaching a global and industrial scale.

Photograph of Australian soldiers in gas masks

The University of Birmingham is ideally placed for the study of all facets of this fascinating period with the Centre for War Studies building on the outstanding achievements of the Centres for First and Second World War Studies. In reality it is difficult, and rather artificial, to separate out the two World Wars without considering the impact and legacies they had in relation to each other and to wider society across a stormy five decades.

It is also vitally important that this period of unprecedented violence is seen in the context of a time of imperial decline and decolonisation. Furthermore, we consider it important to look at the wider social and cultural implications of the two Wars both while they were underway and in the wider timeframe.

The Centre for War Studies embraces and encourages research, and wider interest, in all facets of this period and at all levels.