WIRC-City REDI Webinar: Good Jobs in the Midlands after Covid

online event
Thursday 24 June 2021 (15:00-16:30)

The English Midlands is one of the areas of the UK that has been most heavily impacted by Covid-19, with a lack of employment opportunities often leading to long-term unemployment and lifetime earning reduction, risk of permanent loss of skills, and lower education outcomes in the next generation.

To respond to the crisis and ensure a sustainable recovery for the region, there is an urgent need for policies to encourage an increased investment in advocating decent work and an inclusive economy in the Midlands. For example, attention needs to be focused on creating good jobs in the foundational economy and green sectors, as well as improving the quality of existing jobs; for example, by paying a real living wage, ensuring security of minimum living hours, and supporting collective employee voice and trade union representation.

The session will identify research and policy ideas in support of good jobs and decent work in the Midlands, which are also applicable in other regions that have been implementing Fair Work and Responsible Business charters.


Dr. Holly Birkett (WIRC co-director, University of Birmingham)

Prof. Tony Dobbins (WIRC, University of Birmingham)

Prof. Anne Green (City REDI, University of Birmingham)
Dr. Jack Cao (Keele University)
Lee Barron (TUC Midlands)

Followed by Q&A

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