The School aligns core discovery science with clear routes to impact, which focus on multi and interdisciplinary research, build upon the School's strengths and respond to key challenge-led research areas of global importance.

The school of Biosciences has access to state of the art equipment and instrumentation through Enabling Technologies.

Areas of underpinning expertise:

Research in 60 seconds

Academics from the School of Biosciences take the challenge of describing their research in 60 seconds. Click an image to watch the video and read the transcript.

Measuring environmental stress by studying animals at the molecular level
Discovering the genetic mechanisms driving lung cancer
Understanding and modelling how plants grow at a molecular and biophysical level
Researching how the nervous system is formed and how it works


Finding better vaccines in the fight against tuberculosis
Researching the problems of antibiotic resistant bacteria
Creating a handheld disease detector


We are a research-rich university, ranked highly in the UK for research excellence the 2014 Research Excellence Framework ranked us sixth in the Russell Group with over 90% of the school’s research research rated as world leading (4*) or internationally excellent (3*), ’.

We are proud to have five Nobel Prize winners amongst our alumni and academic staff.

Doctoral Researcher

Research in 60 seconds - video gallery
Research in 60 seconds -
biosciences video gallery

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