About us

Our approach is highly interdisciplinary and radically different, bringing together environmental justice and health protection in combining science, law and education.

We are a multi-College initiative, with significant action research activity at the very forefront of new approaches to chemical safety assessment. 


Using systems biology, environmental chemistry, ecology, genomics, metabolomics, evolutionary theory, high-performance computing, artificial & human intelligence, clinical science, and toxicology to make fundamental discoveries that also help in the shift to a new approach to regulatory science.


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Capturing a society’s values, and is used as a mediating institution capable of engaging people competing in the private sector with the significant institutions of public life. Legal action can operationalize the Centre’s scientific knowledge in decision-making. It can also explore the ethical and societal implications and considerations of how precision toxicology and associated scientific domains will evolve and be applied in reforming regulatory practice.


Postgraduate Law degree courses



A necessity for lasting solutions based on a common understanding among our future leaders, in all sectors, who make strategic decisions based on scientific facts and a shared commitment to a healthful environment.


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