Past Events and Workshops

The School of Physics has hosted and delivered an array of events and workshops in previous years. These workshops and events are no longer available but please contact our team if you require more information.

Primary School Outreach:

Year 6 Ogden Physicist of the Year Award

Schools across Birmingham were invited to nominate their best Year 6 pupil to receive an award at the University. This initiative was supported by The Ogden Trust and aimed to promote physics studies and reward hard working and enthusiastic students

Primary Science Fair

The Primary Science Fair was ran in collaboration with The Ogden Trust. Primary school students from local schools were asked to present their science projects to a panel of academics at the University and were judged based on their research, scientific thinking, analysis and conclusions.

CPD for Primary Teachers

In the previous years we have offered a CPD summer course at CERN  in collaboration with The Ogden Trust and the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

Secondary School Outreach:

Year 9 Olympic Project Day

The Year 9 Olympic Project was a competition at the University between teams of year 9 students working on specific laboratory experiments, collecting data, plotting relevant graphs and drawing conclusions. At the end of the day each team presented their findings in a poster/presentation session with gold, silver, bronze and participation awards given out at the end of the day.

Nuclear Physics Masterclass

In 2016 the Nuclear Research Group in collaboration with STFC organised a Nuclear Physics Masterclass for Year 12 students studying physics and mathematics.


  • The Squeekie Circuit for years 8 and 9, making a noisy circuit to test the resistance of various items
  • Exoplanets for years 7 to 9, learning about exoplanets and making a model of a planetary system
  • Electric Piano for year 7, students make an electric piano using play-doh
  • Electricity talk for years 7 to 9 with Interactive Demonstrations
  • Hot and Cold talk for years 7 to 9 with Liquid Nitrogen Demonstrations (charges may apply for the transport of liquid nitrogen to schools)
  • Our Amazing Universe talk for years 7 to 9
  • Making Rockets- students learn the physics of rockets, make rockets and fire them indoors or outdoors for a prize (available at the University and in school premises)
  • Clocks and Gears Workshop- students learn the mathematics of gears and make a pendulum-clock with gears (available at the University and in school premises)