PhD doctoral researchers

The contribution of our research students is integral to the academic and community life of the School of Social Policy.

Students come from a wide range of backgrounds, some straight from undergraduate degrees, others having worked in social and health care, education, youth work, criminal justice, community work, faith-based organisations, national and local government and the voluntary sector. The School also has a tradition of hosting visiting international research students from the USA and Eastern Europe, as well as an established tradition of supervising research students with a range of disabilities, who are also service users.

Department of Social Work and Social Care 

Amer Azlan
Financial planning in Malaysia

Naheed Akhtar
Investigation of the normalization of Islamophobic discourse following 9/11 attacks

Simon Bartlett
Shared services and life chances

Ziad Faraj
The Challenges Encountering the Development of Social Work Profession in Palestine and Strategies to Overcome Them

Stephen Forrest
Regional Planning and Housing 2003-2007

Gerardo J Arriaga Garcia
The current crisis of development - rethinking social policy in Mexico

Caroline Greenhalgh
Caroline’s research explores how high net worth donors engage with philanthropy and conceptualise and measure the effectiveness of their giving

Jeewan Kala Gurung
Child protection social workers use of authority while working in partnership with parents

Simon Haworth
Development of a child neglect measurement tool

Bingzi He
The Five Pillars of Collaborative Housing – exploring enactment in Chinese Cooperative Security Housing and English Community Land Trusts

Resya Kania
Comparative Analysis of Financial Inclusion Policy in Britain and Indonesia

Koreana Ko
(Re)defining home through plans and decisions for life after retirement and old age: the case of ethnic Korean immigrants over the age of 50 in the South of England?

Feylyn Lewis
'Who am I?': An exploration of the identity development of young adult carers in the United Kingdom and the United States

Gemma Mallett
Compassion Fatigue in Foster Carers

Natasha Nicholls

Critical humanitarianism and the Community Sponsorship Programme

Roberto Ozman

Unaccompanied and separated children

Anna Papoutsi
EU’s everyday bordering: governing the unwanted

Carlette Norwood Ritter
The physical and psychological similarities and differences in which black American women and black British women cope with race-based trauma

Valerie Sylvester
Generational migration and African Caribbean women

Emma Taylor
Youth social action: Access and inclusion

Karina Waters

Desire and dissent – An analysis of women’s pro-active engagement in a sexualised culture and its potential to challenge the erosion of women’s sexual rights in the UK

Clio Belle Weisman
Functional Family Therapy: Analysis of effect and implementation 

Timothy Williams
Mandated joint working, health and social care

Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology

Bimo Arianto
The Expansion and Socio-Economic Impact of National Social Security System in Indonesia- The Perspective of Policy Makers

Chloe Alexander
Ethnographic research on the intersectionality of children’s care work

Allaa Barri
Refugees' integration policies in the EU: A Design Thinking approach

James Bowles
The role of geospatial data in third sector service provision: developing a framework for research and practice

Chalisa Chintrakarn
Gender Attitudes and Cosmetic Surgery among Young Thai Women 

Bircan Ciytak
Negotiating belonging across generations – The case of 3rd Turkish heritage in Germany

Ana França-Ferreira
What difference does civil society make? Exploring relationships between social integration and associational life in the context of ethnic and religious diversity

Caroline Greenhalgh
‘Seeing is believing’  How do High Net Worth Individuals utilise evidence to inform their philanthropy? 

Andy Jolly
Household food security amongst undocumented migrant families in Birmingham

Yaqi Li
Urban single women in mainland China: A social critique

Ellie Munro
Continuity, adaptation and change within the local voluntary sector field in Birmingham, 1965-2015

Kristina Stoewe
Refugee entrepreneurship and integration: A comparative study of entrepreneurial refugees in German and British cities.

Sarah Turner
Changing Gender Roles

Julie Whiteman
Enduring Notions of Heterosexuality: A study in contemporary sex and relationships

Health Services Management Centre

Alexander Alich 
Shamanism, Safety & Risk: an ethnography of emerging shamanic practice and culture

Deborah Davidson
Clinical and Managerial Discourses of Change in the UK NHS

Jennifer Knights
'NHS administrative work: 'bullshit jobs' or a cage worth unlocking?' 

Editor Musekiwa
The Impact of Personalised Health Budgets: an in-depth longitudinal case study with home care adult patients with complex healthcare needs

Liam Spalding

Street-Level Bureaucrats and Policy Implementation: A Study of Personalisation on the Frontline of the English NHS

Nikolaos Zawaher
Transgender Health: An examination of sex reassignment surgery age-limits and research on pre-operative anticipation management in transgender adolescents.