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Money advice for postgraduates

Financial advice and support for postgraduate students.

Knowing that your finances are under control means you can relax, concentrate on your studies and enjoy your time here at Birmingham.

If you’re from the UK, a postgraduate loan and perhaps a part-time job will support you during your postgraduate studies. If you’re from overseas, the additional challenge of visa restrictions on working in the UK can make managing finances more complex. The following information will provide help and guidance in planning your finances for the duration of your studies and living in the city of Birmingham.

Budgeting advice and financial assistance

The University Funding, Graduation & Awards Office can give you financial advice and support throughout your studies. We also offer a range of scholarships, grants and bursaries, both for Masters and PhD students.

Become a postgraduate ambassador

Each year, we recruit a team of enthusiastic postgraduate students to join our Postgraduate Ambassador Scheme. We regularly employ our ambassadors to support postgraduate recruitment activity and encourage prospective students to consider further study. The scheme is flexible and works around your timetable. You only work if you have no prior study or social commitments - there are no minimum hourly requirements.