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The Inspired@Birmingham programme supports Year 12 students who are interested in applying to research-intensive universities.

The programme aims to encourage and motivate you to achieve your full potential and help you make a successful transition to university study. It is particularly relevant if you are unsure what degree you would like to study and are interested in exploring the non-vocational courses on offer at university and the related careers these can lead to.

We encourage you to explore our programme information and consider applying if you are studying at one of our partner institutions. Applications for Inspired@Birmingham 2024 open in early 2024.

Benefits of taking part in Inspired@Birmingham

If you successfully complete the Inspired@Birmingham programme and apply to the University of Birmingham, you will:

  • Receive a Pathways to Birmingham offer which is typically a reduction of up to two A level grades (e.g. BBB rather than AAB)
  • Be eligible for financial support
  • Get the opportunity to make new friends at a special induction event before you start university
  • Become a Birmingham Scholar when starting your studies

The Inspired@Birmingham programme is suitable for Year 12 students who have a strong commitment to study at the University of Birmingham and who are studying relevant qualifications for accessing degree programmes here. You must meet the Pathways to Birmingham criteria.

In addition to this, you must have achieved the minimum academic requirements for the university; please check the University of Birmingham course pages for more information.

Due to the nature of these programmes being very competitive, we will choose applications based on the socio-economic criteria outlined for the Pathways to Birmingham programs. Academic grades that match our entry requirements might also be considered.

Female student smiling. Red brick building and trees in the background

The programme has given me a sense of stability in knowing that there are people who have similar situations to me and are determined to get where they want to be.

Charlotte, Inspired@Birmingham graduate

Are you a teacher or adviser supporting an Inspired@Birmingham applicant?

Inspired@Birmingham applicants must be studying at one of our partner institutions and have a nominated teacher to support their application. Read our Pathways to Birmingham (P2B) coordinators guidance for more information.