Appealing a Pathways to Birmingham application decision

Unfortunately we cannot always accept all students who apply for a place on a Pathways to Birmingham (P2B) programme. Students can appeal this decision following a few steps.

Where a student is not given a place this would be for one of two reasons:

  • The student did not meet our general eligibility criteria
  • Although the student met our general eligibility criteria the programme they applied for is oversubscribed and therefore students had to be selected based on the number of eligibility criteria they met

If an applicant wants to appeal the decision they received regarding their P2B application, they should contact the Programme Lead by email explaining the grounds for their appeal and providing any additional information (for example documentation to support extenuating circumstances etc).

All appeal requests must be received within two weeks of the final deadline for the P2B programme or within two weeks of the applicants finding out their decision, whichever is later. Any appeal requests that are received after this date cannot be considered. 

The P2B Programme Lead along with the P2B Manager will review the email and additional documentation and make a decision on the appeal. The applicant will receive information on the decision from the Programme Lead by email. This feedback will be given within two weeks of the initial appeal email being sent. 

Notes on appeals

  • We will only accept appeals made by the applicant or on behalf of the applicant by their named P2B Coordinator or their named parent/carer contact. 
  • All appeals decisions are final. 
  • When selecting students for the P2B programmes the P2B Eligibility criteria will be carefully considered and fully adhered to. Unfortunately, following the eligibility criteria does mean that in some instances students experiencing challenging circumstances cannot be placed on a P2B programme.
  • All appeals decisions need to be made before the students begin the programme/attend the first event to ensure that any applicant who might be given a place due to a successful appeal is able to take part in the full programme.