Our Inspired@Birmingham programme supports Year 12 students who are interested in applying to Russell Group universities. It aims to encourage and motivate students to achieve their full potential, and enable them to make a successful transition to university study.

Students participating in Inspired@Birmingham will learn from student mentors, graduates and staff, all offering support and guidance during the application process and beyond. Students will also benefit from advice on how to strengthen their university application, and will be eligible to receive all the benefits of taking part in a Pathways to Birmingham programme.

Applications for Inspired@Birmingham 2023 are closed.

About Inspired@Birmingham

Inspired@Birmingham events and activities take place during the summer term of Year 12. The programme will be of particular interest to students who are unsure what degree subject they would like to follow, and are interested in exploring the non-vocational courses on offer at university and the related career pathways these can lead to. 

In order to successfully complete Inspired@Birmingham, students must be available to attend three events on the University of Birmingham campus.

The events will include:

  • A variety of sessions offering an insight into non-vocational subjects
  • Talks from recent graduates about their career journey so far
  • Academic skills sessions to help you hone useful skills for Year 12 and to prepare for university study
  • Careers sessions which will help you to discover your own preferences, strengths and skills, and which career pathways will enable you to realise these
  • Personal statement and application workshops to get you thinking about what kind of thing you should include as well as some common pitfalls
  • Team building and motivational workshops to support you into Year 13

In addition to our campus events, there will be a number of webinars covering topics which will support your future transition to university. You will also have the opportunity to interact with current students, both in person at the events and through an online mentoring programme. Discussions will cover a range of topics related to Years 12 and 13 and preparing for university.

You will also have the chance to put into practice some of the academic study skills you will have picked up throughout the programme by completing an online Skills4Uni quiz, and producing a short piece of writing reflecting on your time on the programme and what you have learnt from it. 

Benefits of Inspired@Birmingham

Students who successfully complete the Inspired@Birmingham programme and apply to the University of Birmingham will receive special consideration from admissions tutors. If their application is successful, they will receive two offers from the University of Birmingham, the standard offer and a Pathways to Birmingham offer. The Pathways to Birmingham offer is typically a reduction of up to two A level grades (e.g. BBB rather than AAB).

As well as the alternative offer, students will also be eligible for financial support.

What is successful completion of Inspired@Birmingham?

In order to successfully complete Inspired@Birmingham and be eligible for a Pathways to Birmingham offer, you are required to:

  • Attend three in person event days on the University of Birmingham campus (dates above)
  • Engage with the online mentoring
  • Attend at least one online webinar
  • Pass Skills4Uni, an online study skills quiz
  • Successfully complete a reflective activity on your experience of the programme

You will be provided with more information about each of these aspects of the programme once your place is confirmed.

Eligibility criteria

The Inspired@Birmingham programme is suitable for Year 12 students who have a strong commitment to study at the University of Birmingham and who are studying A Level, IB or a relevant BTEC course. Applications are open to students who meet the Pathways to Birmingham criteria - check if you are eligible.

In addition to this, students applying to Inspired@Birmingham must have achieved the minimum academic requirements for the university - please check the University of Birmingham course pages for more information. 

Due to the competitive nature of this programme, applications will be selected based on the socio-economic criteria as listed for the Pathways to Birmingham Programmes and on academic grades in line with our entry requirements.

Contact us

 If you have questions about the programme or application process, please email