Pathways to Birmingham FAQs

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Pathways to Birmingham (P2B), including how the benefits work, successful completion, applications and IT support.

If you cannot find the answer to your question please email the team at who will be happy to assist you with your query. Students should include their home postcode and their current school/college in the subject line of their email enquiry.

Applying to Pathways to Birmingham and the University

Can I apply to and take part in more than one P2B programme, e.g. R2P and AEP?

You can only apply for one P2B programme. We encourage you to research which programme would suit you best as they all offer different experiences and often focus on different subjects and topics. Whichever programme you do carries the same benefits for you in terms of eligibility for a reduced offer of study and scholarships and bursaries. 

I am taking part in a Year 12 P2B programme (I@B/NASS/AEP/R2P), do I have to complete A2B as well?

No, A2B is our Year 13 P2B programme, so doing one in Year 12 means you don’t need to do A2B too. You will get the same benefits from passing your Year 12 programme as an A2B student taking part in that programme in Year 13.

Can I take advantage of other programmes for grade reductions such as EPQ, departmental offers and also contextual offers?

If you receive the grade reduction from P2B this will trump any other grade reduction scheme such as the EPQ. Departmental offers could be made at individual faculty discretion though. This would be one grade reduction on top of your P2B alternative offer. All offers will confirmed through UCAS track.

I am taking part in a P2B programme, do I still have to apply to the university through UCAS?

Yes, applying for and completing a P2B programme does not replace your UCAS application. Taking part in one of these programmes does not guarantee you an offer from the University of Birmingham. You will still need to apply to the University through UCAS like any other applicant, the difference is that if and when you receive an offer of study from UoB you will also receive a second, reduced offer thanks to your participation in P2B.

Can I apply through P2B more than once?

If you pass a P2B programme, you are able to apply to the university with your P2B status up to 3 times (including your first application in Year 13), so your pass will last for three or four years depending on whether you did a Year 12 or Year 13 programme.

Each time you reapply to the university, you will need to prove you meet the P2B eligibility criteria as it stands for entry that year. This includes the need to be currently studying for at least one A Level or equivalent qualification at the point of application.

We do not allow students to complete a second attempt at any of the P2B programmes. If you have previously failed or not submitted your P2B assignment, you will not be allowed to reapply through P2B.

I wasn’t given a place on a P2B programme. How can I appeal this decision?

Unfortunately we can't always accept all students who apply for a place on a P2B programme. If a student is not happy with their application decision, they can appeal it. Find out how to submit a P2B appeal.

Completing the programme

I have forgotten my canvas password, what do I need to do?

If you have registered with you can reset your password there. Alternatively, you will need to contact IT services to reset your canvas password by ringing them on 0121 414 7171. Please note this service is only available during working hours. You may need your student ID number; your programme lead can provide this.

Do you cover travel expenses?

We can cover your travel expenses for public transport to and from campus for all of our P2B programmes.  You will need to collect an expense form from your programme lead and have proof of your travel expenses (e.g. a receipt, train/bus tickets). Please note this does not include car mileage. 

What happens if I do not attend one of the P2B programme events?

The events are a vital part of the programme and are often compulsory. Each programme has its own minimum attendance requirements which is detailed on their website page. Failure to meet this minimum attendance could lead to failure on the programme. If you are unable to attend please do contact the programme lead as soon as possible. If there is a genuine reason why you are unable to attend you may have to provide proof of this.

When will I find out if I have passed the P2B programme?

You will find out if you have passed the P2B programme once the final assignment of the programme is complete. Year 12 programmes are usually complete by mid-September, and A2B by mid-August. You will receive an email from your programme lead notifying you of the outcome.

 The Pathways to Birmingham offer, scholarship and bursary

If I apply to more than one course at UoB, do I get a reduced offer for them all?

Yes, the reduced offer is applied to any and all offers you received from the University of Birmingham. So, if you apply to three courses, and get offers from two of them, you will receive a reduced offer for both courses. However, when you make your firm and insurance choice on UCAS, you will only keep the reduced offer for your firm choice course and for your insurance choice course you will only have the standard offer remaining.

For example, if you apply for both Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at UoB and receive an offer for both, you will have a reduced offer for both appear on your UCAS track alongside the standard offer. Then, if you choose to put Medicine as your firm choice and Biomedical Sciences as your insurance choice, the reduced offer for Biomedical Sciences will be lost, but you’ll still have it for Medicine. 

How do I know if I have successfully received a P2B offer?

If you have been accepted onto and/or passed a P2B programme, and received an offer of study from the University, your P2B offer will be automatically applied to your UCAS Track alongside your standard offer. Sometimes, particularly if you are an A2B student, there is a short delay between your standard offer and your P2B offer appearing, so don’t panic if it’s not there straight away.

For example, a P2B student who receives an offer for Accounting and Finance P2B may see something like this on UCAS Track:

“This offer is subject to you obtaining GCE A level Grades AAB in any order, alternative conditions GCE A level Grades BBB and successful completion of the P2B module.”

When should I expect to hear back from admissions on my offer?

Offers will appear on your UCAS Track anytime from October to the end of March in Year 13. 

I have been unsuccessful in gaining an offer at the University of Birmingham but haven’t received any further information, how do I know that I have been considered through P2B?

Your UCAS Track will be updated when the admissions tutor makes a decision. If you completed a Year 12 P2B programme or have submitted an on-time application for A2B, the admissions tutors will be aware you of your P2B status when they receive your UCAS application and will consider your application in that knowledge. For A2B applicants, to ensure this process runs smoothly we recommend you submit your A2B application as close as possible to when you submit your UCAS application.

How do I accept my P2B offer when replying to UCAS?

Your P2B offer will appear alongside your standard offer as one, not as a separate offer. Therefore, when you accept the offer from UoB, you will be automatically accepting the alternative conditions.

Can I select University of Birmingham as my insurance choice?

If you make any offer from UoB your insurance choice on UCAS, you will no longer be eligible for entry based on your alternative conditions. Instead, you will need to meet the standard offer grades for that course.  

I think I am eligible for the P2B scholarship and/or bursary, how do I apply?

You don't need to apply for this award. If you meet the scholarship eligibility criteria, the University will contact you in the first academic term about receiving your award.

When does the P2B scholarship and/or bursary get paid in to my account?

The P2B scholarship and bursary are paid in two instalments, half at the end of January and half at the end of May. These financial awards are paid in addition to any other grant or bursary you may receive. 

Achieving your offer & deferring entry

If I achieve the grades of my P2B offer but not my standard offer will I still have a place?

Yes, if you successfully pass your P2B programme and achieve the grades of your P2B offer then you will be able to take up your place at the University of Birmingham. 

What do I have to do to be able to take up the P2B offer?

To ensure you are eligible to take up the P2B offer you must make the University of Birmingham your firm choice when replying to UCAS.

Additionally, your offer is also conditional upon the satisfactory completion of the P2B programme you are taking part in. For Year 12 programmes, successful completion is:

  • Completing the pre- and post-programme questionnaire
  • Competing and passing the Skills4Uni quiz
  • Attending a minimum of 3 on-campus events, or attending a residential
  • Completing and passing the reflective assignment

For the A2B programme, successful completion is:

  • Attending a Launch event
  • Completing and passing the Skills4Uni quiz
  • Completing an passing the academic assignment 

My P2B offer is ABB. Would I still get in with AAC?

In order to guarantee your entry to the University you will need to achieve or exceed the grades of your offer exactly as they appear on your UCAS Track.

Students who achieve grades which are equivalent to their offer grades (such as those listed above, where one subject is a grade higher than the offer and another subject is a grade lower than the offer) will be considered and it is not uncommon for them to be accepted into the university. However, there is no guarantee of this and if you have missed out of your offer grades by a small margin, we recommend you contact the admissions team as soon as possible on A Level results day to explore your options with them. 

Can I defer my P2B offer?

You are able to enter the university on deferred entry with your P2B offer providing you apply for deferred entry at the point of application through UCAS.

For example, if are applying through UCAS in Year 13 during academic year 19-20, your default entry year for university would be September 2020. If you wish to defer entry until 2021, you will need to apply in Year 13 through UCAS as a P2B applicant normally and list your year of entry as 2021 (rather than 2020).

If you apply through UCAS with the default entry year and later decide you wish to defer, you should contact the admissions team for the course you have applied to as soon as possible to determine your options regarding whether they will consider your current application for deferred entry or will require you to reapply. Please note, if you are required to reapply, you will need to confirm you meet the P2B eligibility criteria again at the time of reapplication.

Does my P2B status carry over if I applying during a gap year with grades I achieved the year before?

If you complete a P2B programme when you are in Year 12, your P2B status will last for two years. Therefore if you decide to apply to the University the year after you have achieved your A level or equivalent grades, then your P2B status will be taken into account when deciding whether we can make you an offer. 

However, please note that for any of our P2B programmes, you must be studying for at least one A level or equivalent qualification at the point at which you are applying for the P2B programme. This applies for both the Year 12 and Year 13 P2B programmes. 

Therefore if you are considering applying to A2B (our Year 13 P2B programme) but want to take a gap year before applying for university, you would need to apply for and complete A2B in Year 13 whilst you are still studying and then apply for deferred entry to the University to ensure that you can benefit from A2B.