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People in the exhibition A Place to Call Home

A Place To Call Home

Home can be a joyful space where we hold celebrations and express ourselves, somewhere we associate with happy memories of food, family and comfort. But it can also be an unhappy or uncertain place, or somewhere we have had to leave behind. Home may not be a place at all, but a feeling that goes beyond any physical location.

Opening Times:

18 February – 4 November 2023, 10:00–16:00, Monday - Saturday

About A Place To Home

In our recent interactive exhibition, Making Home, we invited you to respond to questions about home and homelessness. You told us that home is more than a physical place and that it can summon up strong emotions. Explore what we discovered about what home means to all of us in our follow up exhibition, A Place to Call Home.

We invite you to see homelessness, adult social care and displacement through the eyes of people who have lived experience, in a new exhibition that shares the University of Birmingham’s latest research.

Through this photographic exhibition meet people from the present and the past as they share their story. 

Beverly Maynard from the Birmingham Stories research project
a comedian talking to a crowd

View our public events programme

We have a range of exciting events open to everyone linked with this exhibition, ranging from craft workshops aimed at children, to talks and performances.

Explore our virtual museum

Explore our virtual museum of objects and drawing that remind people of home. Can you spot anything that reminds you of home too?

a screenshot of the virtual museum containing drawings and objects that remind people of home

Learn more about the research projects highlighted in this exhibition

What does home mean to you? 

We asked the people involved in the different projects highlighted as part of this exhibition what home means to them. Do any of these answers resonate with you?

A Place to Call Home Free Exhibition: University of Birmingham, The Exchange
What does home mean to you? explore the answers