Industrial Award

Birmingham Energy Society


The committee has recognised a real interest from students to gain insight into energy and green technologies, and have made it their mission to form strong links with employers. They hosted four huge talks with influential people in energy, providing insight into key global challenges. They’ve launched a LinkedIn page to further connect with local SMEs and consequently were invited to attend three conferences. Most notably, BES were special guests at the ‘Ofgem Smart Futures Conference’ and offered their opinion on how the government should reform initiatives to encourage renewable technologies. Their relationship with Birmingham Energy Institute is flourishing and has resulted in three summer placements, and Eon have partnered with them on their UoBe SMART Campaign. Their headline event should have been the Energy Insight Day but sadly this had to be cancelled due to COVID019. However, they were not dismayed for long and are now working with a start-up to help design energy systems for use in making affordable ventilators for developing countries. They are part of important conversations and provide a holistic home for students interested in the sector at a time when it has never been more pivotal to our future.


Energy Society