Contined Excellence in Outreach Award


outreach excellence

AstroSoc know that astronomy is an exciting way to introduce people to science and encourage questions about the Universe. 2020 was the third successive year they’ve held events for British Science Week to inspire school children in years 7 and 8. For the first time they included home-educated children, allowing the Society to further share their planetarium shows that reveal the grand beauty of the cosmos. This shows great perception of the principles of inclusivity and of bringing science to under-served communities. Several AstroSoc members also volunteered at the Celebrate 2020 event for Girlguiding Midlands where they performed planetarium shows to hundreds of teenage girls during the day. Outreach events of such amazing scale, especially aimed at girls, are invaluable to physics and wider STEM subjects. The Society also plays an essential part in Astronomy in the City, sharing their expertise on the night sky with 300 attendees at a time. Alongside this, their Tea, Talk and Telescope series continues to grow in popularity, allowing attendees to discuss cutting edge astronomy research. AstroSoc has a bursting outreach and engagement rosta and there’s already ambition from their incoming committee for further growth!

From AstroSoc

“AstroSoc are thrilled to have once again received the Continued Excellence in Outreach Award, and to still be the only society to have won this award! It is a great testimony to the hard work both our members and committee have put in to spreading our passion for astronomy and astrophysics to members of the public of all ages and walks of life, and is something the Society hopes to continue over the coming years.”