Outreach Award

Allan Dos Santos
Outreach Officer, BES: Birmingham Energy Society


Birmingham Energy Society set themselves the aim to educate young people about the energy industry, energy crisis and climate change, to inspire them to want to tackle these challenges. Spearheaded by Allan as the Society’s new Outreach Officer, he successfully motivated pupils at Bishop Challoner Catholic College through several activities over the year, trialling his outreach projects with Jenny Bateman. They gave presentations to upwards of 100 pupils exploring the current energy crisis and how they thought it could be resolved, before setting pupils a term-long project to research an energy-themed challenge and design an innovative solution. Allan also covered topics such as presentation skills, university life and careers to inspire his audience. This was very engaging for all involved and received nothing but positive feedback from staff and pupils. The project went so well that the Society has been invited to deliver the same activity to the next cohort of sixth formers. Allan’s hard work did not go unrecognised, helping to secure funding to scale up this outreach project into 20 or more schools next year. Allan has laid outreach foundations for the Society which will inspire young talent to tackle energy challenges for years to come.

Allan says:

“I am grateful to have received the Outreach Award. Outreach work is vital to enrich the community with additional knowledge. I hope to continue making these contributions to society in the hope that more young minds will become inspired to participate in STEM careers.”

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