Society of the Year 2019/20

BUCES: Birmingham University Chemical Engineering Society

society of the year

BUCES continues to gain great popularity and approval from the student body. They actively develop their community, adopting new students on their very first day and welcoming them with open arms into the BUCES Family. The Society takes great pride in ensuring they are inclusive of everyone. They offer a diverse series of activities including the Welcome Dinner and Winter Ball and are instrumental in arranging academic and career events, involving leading employers of chemical engineering students and graduates. Thanks to their strong reputation, companies are always keen to visit BUCES and are especially visible at the highly successful Industrial Dinner. BUCES pledges to enable their members through all aspects of University life; this year’s International Carnival, new alumni network and LinkedIn headshot workshop are evidence of the lengths BUCES goes to support their members. All this while also finding time to raise £2,350 for MIND and Acorns Children’s Hospice, not to mention hosting one of the biggest Frank Morton competitions, growing their national reputation and winning on home turf! Most recently, they have been an effective link between students and staff, sharing resources and ensuring their members’ voices are heard during the lockdown period – more proof that BUCES really does care.

Natalie Whitehouse, BUCES President 2019/20, says

“All year it has been amazing to see our committee and members producing great events. We're so proud to have been awarded Society of the Year 2019/20 in recognition of everyone's hard work. Can't wait to see what BUCES comes up with next year!”

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