Sports Team of the Year 2019/20

BUMS: Birmingham University Materials Society

sports team of the year

BUMSport has grown into an exemplary unified team. Now firmly established as a sub-society, they proudly represent BUMS at every opportunity. As a relatively small society, it’s incredible to see such a large number of people join in, demonstrating outstanding teamwork and commitment. The support from the whole society is exceptional and a great reflection of their dedication to BUMS. BUMSport now boasts a sustainable financial model with an affordable membership programme and annual kit sale, enabling increasing numbers of students to participate. They offer every member of BUMS the opportunity to try out different sports, both socially and competitively. They even have their own BUMSport Awards. As a result of their brilliant team spirit their Football A Team has been unbeaten all season! Their mixed basketball and netball also had great results and their social badminton sessions have been well attended by staff and students. Their EPS Trophy victory was the epitome of their 2020 success. They had a fantastic turnout, entered mixed teams into all four sports, won two, placed on the podium for the other two, therefore amassing a huge points total and were crowned overall champions for the second time! BUMSport is now a leading force and thanks to their prowess are a ‘feared name across campus sports’!

BUMSport team reponse:

“We are hugely thankful to have been crowned the EPS Sports Team of the Year 2019/20! This is a great achievement for our society which recognises our hard work, commitment to inclusion and a unified ethos, as well as keeping the BUMS flag flying high. We have gone from strength to strength since the creation of the BUMSport brand and membership scheme introduced just 2 years ago, and we are very excited for the continued growth and excellence to come”