3i's Lattice Light Sheet

3is Lattice Light Sheet Microscope

The lattice light-sheet microscope is the leading fluorescence microscope for imaging dynamic cellular and sub-cellular processes in single cells. Using this microscope you will be able to gain precise information on protein and organelle dynamics, with the highest and most accurate time resolution currently available in a fluorescent imaging system.   

Microscope Details

  • Sample size: single cell
  • Main application: fast subcellular dynamics in live cells, with low phototoxicity
  • Modalities: 2D optical lattice with ultra thin sheet (<600 nm)
  • Spatial Resolution: ~230 nm lateral, ~70 nm axial
  • Temporal resolution: ~300 z-slices/sec
  • Environmental control: Temperature only
  • Excitation Lasers: Bessel beam light sheet illumination in 488, 561, 640 nm