Cairn's Quad TIRF Microscope

Cairn's quad 600x663This custom 4-camera TIRF is capable of simultaneously imaging up to four different molecules (labelled with different colours) with single-molecule sensitivity, permitting analysis of movement of individual molecules as they diffuse and interact in living cells with high spatiotemporal resolution. This provides quantitative information on complex populations of molecules, including their nanoscale arrangement, diffusion and interactions.

Microscope Details

  • Sample size: single cell
  • Main application: protein interactions/SMLM
  • Modalities: SMLM, TIRF, dSTORM (2D and 3D), PALM (2D and 3D), FRAP, FRET
  • Spatial Resolution: ~20 nm lateral, ~50 nm axial
  • Temporal resolution: fast (~50 fps)
  • Environmental control: Tempterature and humidity
  • Excitation Lasers: 405, 445, 488, 514, 561 and 637 nm