Ultrafast FRET/Calcium Imaging Microscope

Ultrafast FRET calcium imaging microscope 500x526

This Ultrafast FRET/Calcium imaging microscope is equipped with a fast perfusion system for rapid stimulation and an image splitter for synchronous dual-channel imaging. Combined with a series of FRET sensors and indicators, this system allows monitoring of the kinetics of cell signaling events such as receptor activation or the production of second messengers such as calcium or cyclic AMP in living cells with unrivalled temporal resolution. 

Microscope Details

  • Sample size: single-cells, organoids, acute tissue slices
  • Main application: FRET and ratiometric imaging
  • Modalities: FRET, Ca2+, dual-channel ratiometric imaging
  • Environmental control: Temperature, humidity and CO2
  • Illumination: 8-channel LED illuminator
  • Resolution: 200-300 nm, up to 300 ns.