Miltenyi's Ultramicroscopell Microscope

Miltenyi Ultramicroscopell Microscope

The UltramicroscopeII is a fluorescent microscope used for 3D imaging of optically-cleared samples such as whole mouse organs and small tissue samples (essentially 3-D histology).

It is best suited for visualizing whole biological systems with cellular resolution. 

The system uses six light sheets in a dual-sided arrangement for homogeneous illumination, with the detection objective perpendicular to laser illumination. 

Microscope Details

  • Sample size: whole organs, large tissue, embryos, etc (< 1cm3)
  • Main application: 3D imaging of whole biological systems
  • Modalities: uni and bi-directional imaging with variable sheet width 
  • Spatial Resolution: cellular
  • Environmental control: N/A
  • Excitation Lasers: 488, 561, 640 and 780 nm