Wroclaw 2014 DECIDE Third Management Meeting

3rd DECIDE Management Meeting, 24th – 25th April 2014, University of Wroclaw


Agenda 24th April 2014...

The meeting will be at 9-30 on Thursday 24th April in the Faculty of Biotechnology

1. Minutes of the last meeting

2. Matters arising from the meeting

3. Coordinator’s items
(i) Finance reporting
(ii) Secondments
(iii) ESR Training Development Logs
(iv) Outreach activities

4 DECIDE Manager items - Geoff Brown (on behalf L. Woodall)

5. 2nd ITN School, Basel - Ton Rolink

6. Items from the Meetings Coordinator - Ewa Marcinkowska

7. Items/Reports from WP1 - Geoff Brown

8. Items/Reports from WP2 - Andrew Kutner

9. Items/Reports on ESR progress - Rhodri Ceredig

10. Any other Business

Agenda 25th April 2014...

There meeting will be at 9-30 on Friday 25th April in the Faculty of Biotechnology

1. WIDESPREAD - Horizon 2020 - Ewa Marcinkowska

2. Items/Reports on Horizon 2020 Joint Initiatives - Geoff Brown

3. Items/Reports on research collaborations

4. Any other Business