An appreciation of Ton from Lilly and Llucia

ton2-scaledNot only has one of the greatest scientists left us, also one of the most generous, kind, humorous and passionate personalities. It has been an enormous pleasure to meet you Ton and have you as our PhD mentor. Your endless passion for science has been really inspiring, while seeing you working at the bench until the end was a unique experience! Thanks for being so authentic, approachable and charismatic. Thanks for constantly injecting good vibes and energy to the lab, for making it a pleasant place to work in and for teaching us so much. Your laugh, your good mood, your strength, and your bullshit words (babababa) will always stay with us. We will never forget you!"

Dr Audrey Lilly von Münchow and Dr Llucia Albertí Servera – Marie Curie Fellows at the University of Basel 

Posted on Tuesday 22nd August 2017