Katerina Laskaridou

Katerina LaskaridouKaterina Laskaridou is Project Manager for the Greek team on the TAE Project. She is a Psychologist (BSc.MSc Child Development) and special education teacher (MEd Autism Children)  and is currently studying for her PhD at ACER on teacher training in autism. Since 2001, she has worked in many educational (mainstream and specialist schools) and clinical settings in Greece, supporting children with autism and their families. She is Vice President of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation and has extensive experience in organizing and running teacher training seminars on autism, emotion regulation, bullying and other topics related to mental health, primary prevention programmes and inclusion. In addition, she is responsible for overseeing all the training for school-aged students in these areas. In 2014, and in collaboration with AT Autism, she co-founded  the Synergy program  which enables the mentoring  of teachers in mainstream schools  in supporting students with social and communication difficulties. Her hope is that the TAE project will lead to the creation of an inclusive culture in schools and that also give a voice to autistic individuals in Greece.