Katerina Sofianopoulou

Katerina SofianopoulouKaterina Sofianopoulou is a Psychologist (MSc) and cognitive-behavioral therapy practitioner. She has also had training in cognitive-behavioural drama for children with autism and specific learning disabilities. Her research activity includes conference presentations, writing articles on issues related to the cognitive behavioural treatment of children and adolescents, and participation in research programmes.

She has worked with the Psychiatric Clinic of Agia Sophia Children's Hospital and the Mental Health Center of the Peristeri region, offering evaluation and treatment for children with mental health disorders. She has been working as a Psychologist at the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation since 2013, implementing mental health programmes at the primary and secondary levels of education.

Since 2014, she has been working with other professionals and at private centers offering CBT treatment, diagnosis and support to children and adolescents with specific learning disabilities as well as parenting counselling and CBD for children with autism.