Dr Paola Molteni

Paola Molteni

Paola is the Coordinator of the UCSC-CeDisMa team. She has a PhD in Education and she is a workshop lecturer in autism and special education in the Faculty of Education at the Catholic University of Milan. She is also a researcher at the Research Centre for Disability and Marginality (CeDisMa). She has conducted research activities for the Autism Centre for Education and Research (University of Birmingham, UK) and the State University of New York (New Paltz, NY). She is a trainer and school consultant in autism and SEN. She coordinates the services for individuals with autism and their families in the Monza and Brianza Province. She has worked as an educator in the area of special education in Italy and the United States (Anderson Center for Autism, NY). Since 2012, she has been a member of Autism-Europe and INSAR. She writes the following about the TAE project:

This is a very important opportunity for professionals, teachers, researchers and policy makers to make a difference in how students with autism are included in mainstream schools, developing a community of practice."