Professor Luigi D'Alonzo

Luigi D'Alonzo

Luigiis based in the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart where he is a Senior Lecturer in Special Education in the Faculty of Education and director of the Research Centre on Disability and Marginality (CeDisMa). He is also the  Rector’s Delegate for the inclusion of students with disabilities and learning difficulties. He coordinates the Master’s degree in Educational Consulting for Disabilities and Marginality and he directs the specialised Advanced course in Didactic and Educational Psychology for Learning Disorders: DSA and Didactic and Educational Psychology for Students with Autism.

He is a member of the Scientific Committee for the Implementation of Ministerial Law 170/2010 on DSA and a member of the Scientific Committee of the permanent ministerial board for the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities.

He writes the following about the TAE project:

"I deeply believe in the importance of scholastic and social inclusion of everybody. The autism condition is becoming of great importance for the Italian context and this project will surely be an opportunity to raise awareness and competence on this topic, in the scholastic context above all."