Rebecca Wood

Rebecca WoodRebecca is the Project Manager for the Transforming Autism Education (TAE) project and has a background in teaching and training in both mainstream and special education/autism sectors. She completed her first degrees at the universities of Edinburgh and Oxford, and is currently a doctoral researcher at the Autism Centre for Educational Research (ACER) at the university of Birmingham, where she holds a scholarship from the School of Education and is also a Research Fellow in the Department of Disability Inclusion and Special Needs (DISN). The focus of her PhD is on the inclusion of autistic children in mainstream primary schools and she is passionate about helping to create greater understanding about the needs, rights and abilities of autistic children through research and practice. She writes the following about the TAE project:

This is an ambitious programme which enables a creative collaboration between different European countries in order to provide focussed training for teachers, and ultimately better learning experiences for primary school-aged autistic children.’