Zozefina Tzonaka

Zozefina TzonakaZozefina Tzonaka is a primary school teacher with over 35 years experience. She was formerly a headteacher in a primary school and she worked for two years in the state center for Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis and Support (KEDDY). Since 2012, she has been working as a scientific consultant and supervisor at Frontizo, a therapeutic centre for children.

She has trained in Specific Developmental Disorders in the Psychiatric Department of the Community Mental Health Center of Byron-Kesariani and she holds a Master's degree in Social Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry. Her research activity includes publications, conference presentations and participation in research projects and training workshops on issues related to specific developmental disorders and learning disabilities.

Her interests extend to the art of theatre in education: she has organized numerous plays in schools and authored books on the introduction of theatre in primary education.