Holders of a current Student visa for the University of Birmingham

If you have completed a course at the University of Birmingham and your current Student Route visa has not yet expired, the UKVI Immigration Rules state that you must not start a new course of study until you have made an in-time valid Student Route visa extension application. 

If you completed your previous studies and are now starting a new course

You should be able to register on your course at the University of Birmingham and start your studies if the below applies:

  • You have been assigned a CAS by the University of Birmingham for your new course of study.
  • You have submitted a in-time valid visa application before your existing current visa expires (Student permission).
  • The University has checked your evidence of visa application form and documents showing that you have made an application for a new Student Route visa. 

If you did not complete your previous studies and are now changing to a different course (programme transfer)

You may be able to use your existing Student Route visa to start your new course, if the below applies:

  • New course is the same level as the course you were previously granted a visa to study; or
  • A higher level than the course you were previously granted a visa to study; or
  • A lower level than the course you were previously granted a visa to study, provided the conditions and requirements of your permission to stay are the same as they would be given if you made an application for your new course.

If your new course requires ATAS you must obtain ATAS approval before you can start your course (or period of research).

If your new course is shorter than the previous course, you will need to notify UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).  UKVI may reduce the length of time on your student visa. 

If your new course is longer than your previous course, you are likely to have to make an application for an extension of your student visa. You should do so as soon as possible, and certainly before your current visa expires, in order to complete your new course. 

Sources of help

The IST immigration and visa University webpages provide information on how to apply for new Student visa and when to apply. You are advised to use the helpful UKCISA detailed advice webpages before making any Student visa application. 

Inside the UK:

Outside the UK:

Please check our Student Help resource and FAQ's before you submit an online query to IST.

Contact the IST for helpful advice

The IST may be able to help you further if you have checked the above linked advice webpages and are still unsure. You can submit an online enquiry to the IST through our intranet if you are a new or current student.