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Stephen Garrett

Communications Apprentice

Stephen Garrett Staff Photo

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

After graduating from the University of Birmingham with a Sport and Exercise Sciences degree in 2017, I was keen to start a career in Marketing and Communications. Due to the competitive nature of this area of work, and without a degree in this field, I took the conscious decision to apply for an apprenticeship as I recognised their many benefits. During my apprenticeship, everything was focused towards my own development. The progressive nature of the apprenticeship allowed me to progress and learn at a quick but manageable pace.

Can you describe your apprenticeship experience?

Throughout my apprenticeship I was exposed to a wide variety of projects and events. This experience has given me an expansive knowledge of the teams, processes and people involved in making this university the successful institution it is and always has been. As I became more experienced I was introduced to more complex projects from different members of the team, taking on more responsibilities. These projects primarily focused on website design and development, internal and external event administration, as well as social media development and strategy.

How has your apprenticeship helped you to progess in your career?

My apprenticeship has been pivotal to both my personal and professional development. The experience and knowledge of not only marketing and communications specific processes, but University wide processes, has allowed me to progress into a full time role. The apprenticeship scheme undoubtedly provided me with the perfect opportunity to start a career in the area of work I am most interested in.