Practical information

Below you will find useful guidance on the practical arrangements you'll need to make when moving to Birmingham.

Registering for a bank account

We have two banks on campus: Barclays Bank and Santander. Lloyds Bank is also nearby, opposite our new Sports and Fitness centre. These branches are familiar with the best banking options for our students, whether you are from the UK or aboard. 

UK students

UK students can open a student bank account with their existing bank either in Birmingham or your hometown, where you will usually be asked to provide your offer letter. If you had a student bank account as an Undergraduate student, some banks will allow you to extend the status of your student account or convert your graduate account back into student status to make use of better overdraft limits and reduced fees on financial products. 

EU and international students

Students from abroad will first need to get an official letter from the University confirming their student status, which can be done during Welcome Week whilst collecting ID cards at the Welcome Hubs, or from Aston Webb Student Hub once Welcome Week has finished.

Simply bring the letter with you to the bank when you want to open an account, but please be aware that at the beginning of the year when many students want to open bank accounts, you may be required to book an appointment in advance to see a banking advisor. 

Registering with the GP

It is likely that, at some point during your time here, you will feel unwell and will want to see a doctor.

The UK has a National Health Service (NHS) which provides its residents with various healthcare services. It is important to register with a local doctor, known as a General Practitioner (GP), to ensure you are able to access these healthcare services when you need them. 

You should register with a GP near to where you spend most of your time, which is likely to be your term-time address, and should do so as soon as possible when you arrive– don't wait until you feel unwell.

Register with a GP and other healthcare advice

Finding your way around campus

Our campus is a fantastic setting for your University life, with a huge variety of facilities and services to help you make the most of your time here. You may want to take a look at our campus map to familiarise yourself with our campus as well what shops, services and study spaces have on offer. 

Explore our campus 

Travelling beyond campus

The University of Birmingham campuses are well-connected for local and national transport links. There are a range of options for travelling around the local area, into the city centre and further afield. For more information on local trains, buses and cycling routes, our Welcome pages introduce you to the regular travel routes and options available.

Transport in Birmingham