Whole School SEND Autism Resource Suite

The Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) have been working on developing some resources for the Whole School SEND funded by Department for Education. These resources were developed in collaboration with Autism Education Trust, National Autistic Society and Ambitious about Autism. The project was led by Prithvi Perepa from the ACER team. The aim of these resources is to develop inclusive educational settings for children on the autism spectrum and autistic staff members.

The following four resources were developed as part of this project:

Guidance for school leaders on supporting autistic members of staff

This resource is mainly aimed at senior leadership teams and people with HR responsibilities, and provides ideas for developing an autism friendly working environment.

A SENCO’s guide to supporting learners on the autism spectrum

This is for SENCOs in Early Years, Primary schools and Secondary schools and builds on existing information for SENCOs in developing good autism practice within their settings.

Supporting learners with autism during transition

This resource focuses on two main stages of transition- from an Early Years setting to Primary school, and Primary school to Secondary school. The resource will be helpful to everyone involved in this process, such as SENCOs, teachers, teaching assistants, key workers.

Promoting autism inclusive attitudes

In this resource there are various ideas for raising peer awareness in Primary and Secondary school settings, which can be used by SENCOs, teachers and teaching assistants. These resources were co-developed with autistic young people.

All the resources and further information about the project can be found on the Autism Education Trust website or on the SendGateway website.