We are pleased to announce that the University of Belgrade’s research team won the First Award in Boston on Nanomedicine conference for poster presentation. 

As part of the TEMPUS project, we will also be working to establish a Balkan Regional Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Engineering, which will include both research and education (MSc and PhD study).

For further information on this award, please contact University of Belgrade – Professor Djuro Koruga - NanoLab, Dept. Biomedical Engineering - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering -

June 2014

University of Birmingham hosted a week of training and a consortium meeting to reflect on the project so far, as well as to meet other academic professors from related different schools.

April 2013

BioEMIS partner University of Belgrade have won the Microsoft Award in 2013 for innovation IT in medicine.

National Coordinative Meeting held in Belgrade under organization of Serbian Medical Chamber, with the presence of Ms. Nina Stojanovic, Tempus Office representative. 

The key topics are the Analysis of BE and MI study programs in EU, and Serbian needs for BE and MI study programs: 

  • WP1 DEV1: Review and analyze existing European and West Balkan BE and MI studies; 
  • DEV1.1:  Analysis and report on existing BE&MI in EU; 
  • DEV1.2: Analysis and report on existing BE&MI in West Balkans/SERBIA;
  • DEV1.3: Analysis of guidelines and standards; 
  • DEV1.4: Analysis on the needs of West Balkan universities. Initial discussion as an introduction to Belgrade meeting by the end of April 2013 given on WP2 DEV2:  Define curriculum of BE and MI studies; 
  • DEV2.1: Review curricula of study programs.

February 2013

The kick off meeting for university partners took place in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham.

November 2012

First BioEMIS National Coordinative Meeting held at University of Kragujevac. Prof. Dr Goran Devedzic reported the outcomes from Tempus Office’s National Coordinative Meeting held in Belgrade on October 23rd, 2012.

UNIKG, UNIBG, UNID, UN, MMA, CCKG, OD, SMC: 12 attendees.

November 2012

TEMPUS Project Representatives’ Meeting held in Brussels (Belgium) on 26-27 November 2012. Prof. Dr Goran Devedzic attended the meeting as the BioEMIS project representative.

October 2012

Tempus Office’s National Coordinative Meeting held in Belgrade on October 23rd, 2012 at Palace “Serbia”. Advisory seminar given by Tempus Office representatives and selected coordinators presented good practice in financial and overall project guidance.