We at Birmingham are always looking to recruit talented individuals for postgraduate study.

If you are interested in conducting research in fuel cell and hydrogen related topics please contact us.

Topics include the following:

Chemical Engineering:

  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack Engineering for Domestic Applications
  • Hydrogen Polymer Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicular Systems
  • MEA Engineering for Polymer Fuel Cell Applications
  • Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Stack Engineering for Portable Applications
  • Modelling of fuel cell systems

Electrical Engineering:

  • Integration of fuel cells into hybrid electrical drive systems
  • Control and optimisation of fuel cell - battery hybrid systems
  • Suitable candidates will receive joint supervision from the Schools of Chemical Engineering, and Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering where necessary.


  • Discovery of New NanoMaterials for Hydrogen Storage


  • Hydrogen from biomolecules by novel methods


  • Development of novel Pd alloy thin-films for use in high-temperature hydrogen membrane reactors