BALANCE Workshop 2019 - Bruges 22nd & 23rd May

The objective of the BALANCE project is to accelerate the development of the reversible Solid Oxide Cell (rSOC) technology in order to rapidly reach sufficient maturity and visibility, which will enable its uptake by the renewable energy and fuel cell industry and its recognition as a strategic technology to reach the goal of the European Unions in terms of integration of renewable electricity.

BALANCE Workshop registration

balance workshop bruges

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For this purpose, the project gathers some of the leading research organisations in the field of both Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Solid Oxide Electrolysers (SOE) to leverage their findings and break-throughs obtained in national research programmes and bring them together in an aligned and integrated European Research Agenda.

The current workshop aims at collecting presentations from the project and from the wider community in order to compare results, discuss findings, and build the network of researchers working in the area of rSOC.

Presentations will therefore take about 20 minutes with an added 10 minutes for questions and discussions. The workshop will follow the 12th Fuel Cell System Workshop taking place on 21/22 May at the same location. Click here for more details of the Fuel Cell System Workshop.

Delegates can now enter the password secured area to download presentations from the workshop.