Hydrogen Energy Research

A major integrated programme on Hydrogen Energy research is carried out within the school, which covers hydrogen generation, storage, use and socio-economics of technology development. Professor Kevin Kendall heads a group studying fuel cells, fuels and systems for efficient transport and Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

Hydrogen Pump Launched!person standing next to a hydrogen fuel pump

‘We are delighted to be the home of England’s only hydrogen gas filling station. It is absolutely necessary that we have the means to refuel our fleet of hydrogen powered cars so that we can carry out our research project into the feasibility of hydrogen in a transport context.’ - Professor Kevin Kendall

Research Includes:Group standing next to hydrogen powered cars

  • Fuel Cell Group website
  • Funding has been awarded from the EU, EPSRC and Advantage West Midlands, as part of “Science City”, in which the development of the hydrogen economy will help to stimulate regeneration and link with businesses in the West Midlands area.
    Under the “Science City” project, a hydrogen energy research lab has been refurbished, to include a number of fuel cell test units, CHP units and fuel cell vehicles, together with thermal analysis, electrochemical test equipment, materials proceesing kit including mixers and furnaces, and fuel cell demonstrators. image of the word hydrogen
  • SCRATCH is an EPSRC project on Supply Chain Research Applied To Clean Hydrogen, which aims to study hydrogen sourced from biomass, hydride storage, fuel cell systems and economic barriers.
  • The integration of a CHP fuel cell in to a domestic house is being studied in a project with Baxi Supply Chain.
  • DTI Microcab is a project with Coventry University and a number of SMEs to develop the Microcab hybrid fuel cell vehicle on campus. 5 vehicles will be operated over 2 years.