Micromanipulation and Microencapsulation research

Welcome to the Micromanipulation and Microencapsulation Research Group

Group in September 2015

Micromanipulation and Microencapsulation group in September 2015


Our vision is to be the world-leading research group in micromanipulation and microencapsulation, in which young talents can become future stars in their own scientific research areas via doing highly innovative research projects in interdisciplinary areas.

Our group is proud of our international reputation in developing novel micromanipulation techniques to mechanically characterize micro-particles for various academic and industrial applications, and of our novel research in microencapsulation of different active ingredients for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agrochemical, fabric care and human care applications.

We will keep on developing innovative scientific research in micromanipulation and microencapsulation with major impacts on academia and industry, and improving our international standing.

For details, please contact:

Prof. Zhibing Zhang
Tel: 0121 414 5334
Email: z.zhang@bham.ac.uk