The Dove Research Group

The Dove Group is a multinational collection of vibrant and dynamic researchers that are focussed on challenges in polymer and materials science.

Led by Professor Andrew Dove, research in the Dove Group is centred around polymer degradation. We have many strands to our research portfolio that focus on both developing strategies to control and understand polymer degradation as well as design new materials that degrade in a controlled and predictable manner.

Our research efforts are in turn primarily focussed on sustainability on polymer science – that includes both ‘green’ methodologies for polymer synthesis and development of strategies to tackle plastic waste – as well as the development of next generation biomaterials – in which we seek to design materials for application in delivery and tissue engineering applications.

Linking both areas is our interest in polymer stereochemistry and how that can be used to control materials properties and direct their behaviour. We work with engineers, biologists and medics across academia, hospitals and industry to drive our chemical discoveries towards application.

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