Research Projects

We collaborate with established funding bodies to undertake a broad range of moderate to large-scale research projects.


  • RESTORE: REuse of Structural sTeel in cOnstRuction RESTOR (EP/W018705/1), Samir Dirar, £1.3m
  • RESIST: RESilient Infrastructure using STainless steel (EP/W019809/1). Marios Theofanous, £1.8m

Horizon Europe 

  • ReCharged: Climate-aware Resilience for Sustainable Critical and Interdependent Infrastructure Systems enhanced by emerging Digital Technologies (ID 101086413), Stergios A Mitoulis, £1.65m
  • RISKADAPT: Asset Level Modelling of RISKs In the Face of Climate Induced Extreme Events and ADAPTtation (ID 101093939) Stergios A Mitoulis, £2.5m
  • ZEBAI: Innovative methodologies to design Zero-Emission and cost-effective Buildings based on Artificial Intelligence. Stergios A Mitoulis, £5m
  • MOOC: Massive Open Online Course on sustainable and resilient infrastructure Stergios A Mitoulis, £40k
  • SCOUR&SHAKE- ERIES: Identification and testing of deep scoured bridge piers under dynamic loads and earthquakes, Stergios A Mitoulis, (Access of large scale facility)
  • TwinsTower: MSCA-IF Digital Twins-based integrated corrosion fatigue prognosis of wind turbines Towers in modular energy islands, Charalambos Baniotopoulos, £204k

British Academy

  • bridgeAdapt: Sustainable adaptation measures for deteriorated bridges to climate and human-induced damage, Stergios A Mitoulis, £76k
  • AI4SURE: AI-empowered data-mining techniques for SUstainable and climate-REsilient , Stergios A Mitoulis, £76k
  • WINDTUNE: The influence of building-generated turbulence on surface pressures on residential buildings situated in industrial zones, Stergios A Mitoulis, £76k

Royal Society

  • Tall Towers: Resilient tall wind turbines to enhance Chile's wind energy infrastructure, Charalambos Baniotopoulos, (£12k)

Other grants

  • Recycling data: knowledge based pro-active asset management, Jelena Ninic, (£100k)
  • UK-Ukraine TwinForHope: Twinning for Identity, Sovereignty and Resilience, Erica Arthur & Stergios A Mitoulis (£200k)